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Jamey Jackson

Born in Toledo, Ohio

Lives & works in the lower Hudson Valley, NY


I believe we all enter this world as artists, with the innate abilities to imagine and create. My parents recognized my attraction to making marks at an early age and fully supported me. My first “exhibition” was when I was five. I painted a large gum-ball machine on the side of the garage…in blacktop tar. Seeing the attention my installation garnered,  it was clear what path I was to follow. Later, I studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus Ohio, where I earned my BFA. I continue my studies as a perpetual artist-in-training.


I'm a visual artist – painting and drawing mostly. I also enjoy working with my hands in many mediums especially sculpture and fabrication. Manipulating and combining found objects, forming clay, sawing wood… really any explorations in three-dimensional space fascinates me. Growing up, I spent countless hours building with Legos and I always made my own Halloween costume. As it turns out, developing costumes, wearables and accessories is a big part of my career.

Artist's Statement


My work is about experiences - moments in time. Connection. 

I find the natural world to be powerfully inspiring. I've always loved being outside, and many of my travels both near and far have been motivated by the opportunity to experience new environments. To observe animals in their natural habitats, hike through forests, swim in the oceans, stare at the clouds… being able to express these encounters though my artwork, getting the viewer to feel some of that connection, brings me great joy and satisfaction. It’s also my way of paying respect to this amazing world that we are fortunate to be a part of.


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